Project ELEOS – Double Cross

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No Hope Left members.  It appears we made a terrible mistake supporting Project ELEOS.  We have just received these photographs showing that the applicants who got through have been used in some kind of genetic testing.



We never intended to endanger anyone, and can only hope those who either were too suspicious to apply, or who failed to make it through, are faring better in these dark times than the poor souls who’s lives have been taken in such brutal fashion.

The ELEOS 10

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10 people have made it through to Project ELEOS! Its great to have been able to get this project out to you guys! Unfortunately none of our team members got through to the final round, but we wish everyone who did the best of luck. INCREDIBLE what’s happening to you guys!


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No more talking.

No more waiting for the end.

No more waiting to die.

Join the Fight.

Good luck everyone.


Project ELEOS – 48 Hours

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It’s the final 48 hours to vote on who makes it through to Project ELEOS.  As we’ve stressed before – your input could help determine the survival of our species – so please take the time to go over there and vote…  before it’s too late for us all.