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Particularly disturbing images from the bloody incident we have been posting about. Made more horrible by the attached conclusions page to the autopsy document.


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With another page of the document we are now sure that this is an autopsy report.  It is also becoming clear that all these victims are part of the same event.



ELEOS Polls – Finished

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Results of the Project ELEOS polls are now in.  You can view the results here – although finished you can still comment and discuss them or the results.  Thank you to all those who have taken part; you have supported the future of humankind with your input.


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Another female victim has been sent to us.  Along with more of the document – which appears to be parts of a autopsy report.

More Photos – This is Crazy…

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We have received another set of gruesome images – this time of a female victim. There is a second page of some document – we are yet to ascertain any meaning.



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We don’t want to drive the fear into anyone, more than we need to, but we just been sent some horrifying images. Please let these be a warning to keep inside and only venture out if you absolute must. If you do, then go out armed and in groups.

arm close up

24 hours left to apply for Project ELEOS

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There are now less than 24 hours to APPLY TO BE A PART OF Project ELEOS; be an Adam or Eve for a new generation of human survival!  Get over to Project Eleos now to take part.

Our Project ELEOS contact has supplied us with a file from the ‘DNA Records Dept.’. It looks like they are planning to map and record someone’s DNA code. What do they need it for?

Which are more valuable to a new society: Visionary thinkers or Pragmatic thinkers

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We have received another leaked document from Project ELEOS. This one details the ‘boarding pack’, presumably for the 10 people chosen to survive.

The last poll has opened on Project ELEOS, take part and voice your views for the sake of your friends and family. These polls will close on the 21st of September.

Should we prioritise: Risk taking or Risk aversion?

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Our contact at Project ELEOS has sent us this photocopy of a ‘sampling pack’. Is this how they plan to preserve DNA?

The penultimate poll is now live on the Project ELEOS website. it would be a risky business not to take part. Apply, vote and discuss the future of humankind.

What trait is preferable to create a strong population: Selective breeding or Profligate breeding?

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The third poll is now live on the Project ELEOS website; they are questioning the best way to create a strong population post apocalypse – they need your opinion. Your survival could depend on your taking part!