one day to go until the 19th. 14:00 PST

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1 bit of film – seems significant. 01.19.2012

2 photos


Are the places connected?

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started to plot the locations on a map. can’t see a pattern yet.

but definitely looks like a couple of areas of grouping. is this significant? perhaps this is where it started?

this is the only shape we can see for now. let us know if you see anything different.


still think this is the best thing we have

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thanks for everyone’s comments and help with this film.

tokyo gets tagged!!!!!!!!! it’s happening there too

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got sent a couple of good shots from some friends in japan. finding more and more of these. but still no idea why?!

yet more sprayed symbols

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more and more this stuff appearing all over the world. these are just a few of the ones we’ve been sent.

thx for your help.

China. Not sure where.


serbia. again!!!!!!!!


another symbol. another sighting.

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anonymous symbol film taken in Sao Paulo. Don’t know when it was shot.

It’s the biggest yet.

jo’burg sightings

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These two are definitely from Johannesburg

another shot from London

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Graylady_K took this on her iphone. Same place.

biohazard sign

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what do you think?